Nick Gallant is a Northern California-based singer-songwriter who has quietly released two full-length albums since 2008, while anonymously being heard by millions around the globe.

Surfer, devoted husband, loving dad, Nick writes and performs infectiously simple but meticulously crafted acoustic songs about the joys and trials of everyday life. You would never guess he is also a studio musician whose playing and singing have been heard in virtually every developed country. Nick was one of the studio musicians and music producers behind the hundreds of cover songs recorded for the hugely popular “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band” video game series.

A composer with an Emmy sitting on the window sill of his home studio on a sunny south-facing slope in the coastal hills outside Santa Cruz, Nick has spent the last decade writing and performing music in every possible style, while also finding time to throw a board in the back of the truck and get out in the water.

With the upcoming release of his third album, Wanderlust, Nick brings his songwriting to the forefront of a professional career launched in the early 2000s while a student at Berklee College of Music in Boston. The album also brings a face to that anonymous voice heard by millions.

The title track has already been heard by two million fans who downloaded it from the iPhone music game Tap Tap Revenge. When one of those fans posted “Wanderlust” on YouTube and it received nearly 30,000 views, Nick decided it was time to make his first music video. He and a videographer, three friends, a Labrador retriever and a parakeet set off on a road trip to the Mojave Desert to surf down the Kelso Dunes.

The 19- songs on Wanderlust push to center stage a musician who is as comfortable playing ukulele and acoustic guitar grooves layered with catchy melodies as he is giving voice to intimate reflections on mortality over a live string quartet. Nick’s lyrical wanderings can take him to painful places, but his positive spirit almost always shines through in his songs.

Wanderlust was recorded and produced at his home studio, Tiny Acres Studio, in Soquel, CA. It is set for release in February 2014.