Free Music for Santa Cruz residents!

Starting next week, Santa Cruz residents will start seeing my Wanderlust ‘free album’ displays in local businesses like The Penny Ice Creamery, Verve Coffee, and Bookshop Santa Cruz. This is my way to give back to the community I love, as well as raise awareness about the state of the music industry. Help yourself, enjoy the album, and please read the mission statement below for more info :)


Get One Free, Buy One

 The 18 songs on my new album “Wanderlust” took more than 150 hours to write, perform and produce over the course of three years; precious hours stolen from my family and day job as an audio director. Now I want to give the album away for free to the Santa Cruz community.

 I don’t build houses or teach kids how to read. I don’t serve on any city committees, or grow vegetables to sell at one our wonderful farmers markets. I make music, and that means what I create in the studio doesn’t get heard locally very much. Giving my music away is my small way of giving back to the community I love.

 I also hope the act of giving my music away will raise awareness about the state of the music industry today. Spotify and other music-streaming services like it pay only fractions of a penny for each song you download for free, and until this changes, artists will struggle more than ever to make money from their recordings. Many good ones will just quit; some already have.

 Counterintuitive as it may sound, I’m giving my album to you free so that you might turn around and pay for another artist’s CD. I’m asking you to be more mindful about how you support musical performers and the arts in general with your spending power.

 Look for “Wanderlust” download cards at Santa Cruz businesses like Verve Coffee, The Penny Ice Creamery, The Picnic Basket, and others. I’ll keep restocking supplies until there are at least10,000 copies out in the community. Listen to it. Enjoy it. Tell your friends about it. And tell them, too, how they can support people who make music in a more sustainable way.


Nick Gallant

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